Skoove is a new iOS app that transforms your iPad into a private piano instructor

learn piano with ipad

Skoove is a new iOS app that transforms your iPad into a private piano instructor

– Mar. 8th 2017 9:30 am PT

Skoove is a new iPad app launching today that helps you learn how to play piano from iOS. The app includes more than 250 interactive lessons and courses that you can follow along with at home as if your iPad was a private piano instructor.

Skoove includes a limited number of piano lessons for free to try from your iPad, and a monthly Skoove Premium subscription includes unlimited access to the full library of courses with new lessons added monthly.

Get the complete Skoove experience. Achieve your goals faster by taking more lessons, gaining more knowledge and expanding your repertoire. Dig into a rich, curated catalog full of music from John Legend, The Beatles, Beethoven, Madness, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, and so much more!

Skoove also includes access to piano instructors for one-on-one questions through the premium service.

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Prior to today’s iPad launch, courses were only available on the web where Skoove says over 200,000 lessons have been provided in more than 187 countries.

Skoove for iPad includes pitch detection and real-time feedback when playing with any keyboard or piano type without connecting cables thanks to the iPad’s built-in mic. Skoove highlights notes on-screen as you play in person, and even includes lessons on music theory and composition.

You can try Skoove for iPad for free on the App Store; Skoove Premium subscriptions start at $9.95/month in the United States.

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