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Learn The Rock Piano Songs That Turn Heads,
All While Learning How To Improvise, Play Fatter Chords and Create Your Own Performance!

We have created killer lessons for some of the best rock songs to play on the piano. Impress your friends while playing tunes such as Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are”, Eric Clapton’s “Layla” and many, many more. Keep reading.

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Why Rock Piano Lessons?

Fellow Rock Enthusiast,

Years ago, well before Berklee College of Music, touring and recording, I was in high school jazz band. There was a fellow keyboard player in the band who was a few years older than me named Damien.

Damien knew how to play. well. Very well in fact. He knew how to groove, how to solo and how to play those cool-sounding rock songs, all while improvising.

I was jealous. I admit it.

After all, who wouldn’t be, right?

I used to watch him and try to steal his licks as best I could. I even asked him to show me a few things, but he never really showed me much of anything.

That’s OK though. He motivated me to learn and get better.

In fact, you might find that other pianists and keyboardists DON’T want to share their techniques with you. Some hold what they’ve learned as a carefully guarded secret.

I think knowledge is POWER. The more you know at your instrument, the more you can play, the more gigs you’ll get and the more you’ll make those around you happy with your skills.

This is why I created Rock Piano Lessons. I want you to be able to learn rock songs, rock piano licks, rock chord techniques, rock rhythms, rock grooves and improvisation. all in one easy to use website.

Keep reading to see all that you get as a full member of Rock Piano Lessons.

So. What’s On The Inside?

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