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    Message from Oscar and Academy Award Winner

    Oscar and Academy Award winning musician Glen Hansard talks about DecPlay rapid results piano method.

    What is DecPlay?

    DecPlay is a revolutionary new patented range of piano tuition methods that uses an ingeniously simple technique to achieve incredible results.

    A selection of methods in the range include:-

    1. ‘FastPlay’ – the foundation level course in the DecPlay range that uses a unique piano tabs music notation to enable you to play in a fraction of the normal time.
    2. ‘ProPlay’ – enables you to play in the professional style
    3. ‘EarPlay’ – enables you to play by ear, without needing sheet music

    Why is It Revolutionary?

    The first level in the DecPlay range is called ‘FastPlay’, which enables people to play their first tune to a moderate level within an hour and can play it competently within 1 day, to a level only expected after dozens of lessons using traditional tuition methods!

    Why is DecPlay Needed?

    DecPlay bridges the gap between the many people who wish to play piano, but are unable to do so by traditional methods, by providing:-

    1. INSTANT GRATIFICATION – understand song sheets immediately
    2. RAPID RESULTS – play recognisable song within 1 hour
    3. MEMORISE SONGS EASILY – ideal for parties
    4. ACCESSIBLE – for all ages (4+), dyslexia, ADHD and special needs
    5. SKILL DEVELOPMENT – from beginners to professional style, improvisation and composition

    Who is It Aimed At?

    This ‘FastPlay’ method is aimed at anyone who wants to play piano, from age 4 upwards and it is designed for pop music although it also includes some classical. It is suited to children or adults wanting to perform solo piano, play piano and sing and also for guitarists or studio engineers wanting to add keyboards to their music.

    Success and Mission

    DecPlay has over 3000 registered users and has had outstanding success with both children and adults, working with a wide range of organisations. Our mission is to open up the opportunity to experience the joys of playing piano, to all.

    Free Courses for Charities / Disadvantaged Groups / Special Needs

    The DecPlay piano method has proved extremely effective with a wide range of ages and abilities and has been used in prisons, special needs charities, schools, ADHD organisations etc.

    Free courses are available to charities.

    Video Examples

    Here are a few of the many examples of outstanding progress from students with no previous piano experience:-

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