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learn playing piano yourself

Piano Lessons: Teach Yourself to Play

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Приобретайте наиболее востребованные деловые, технические и творческие навыки под руководством отраслевых экспертов.

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    Gayle Kowalchyk

    Dr. Gayle Kowalchyk selects and edits music for the supplementary piano catalog for Alfred Music Publishing.

    She holds degrees from Ohio University (piano performance), Northwestern University (piano performance and pedagogy), and an EdD from Teachers College, Columbia University (piano pedagogy). Dr. Kowalchyk was formerly on the faculty of Eastern Illinois University, where she coordinated the class piano program, directed the piano preparatory program, and taught graduate piano pedagogy. She has also taught piano pedagogy and class piano at Oklahoma Baptist University and the University of Oklahoma.

    Dr. Kowalchyk has presented sessions for the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, national conventions of the Music Teachers National Association, and more. She is on the board of advisors for Clavier Companion magazine. With her husband, Dr. E. L. Lancaster, she is the coauthor of more than 275 educational piano books, including Alfred’s Premier Piano Course, which they coauthored with Dennis Alexander, Victoria McArthur, and Martha Mier.

    Thomas Palmer

    Thomas Palmer is the son of Willard A. Palmer and part of the Palmer family of musicians.

    Thomas Palmer and his family support the distribution of educational materials, including books and courses on how to play piano and electronic keyboard.

    Willard A.Palmer

    Dr. Willard A. Palmer was a musician, teacher, and the author of hundreds of published works.

    Dr. Palmer authored 789 published works on a range of topics, including an accordion method, several piano methods, a method for the Hammond chord organ, a guitar method, and choral works. He was also the choir director of Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas for many years.

    Dr. Palmer became a proficient musician at a young age; he played the piano on the radio at age 13 and studied piano and accordion, which would form the basis of his musical endeavors. He was a piano student of Mae Vardeman, who encouraged and nurtured his ability to improvise by teaching him the fundamentals of correct piano technique. During his college years at Whitworth College and Millsaps College, he continued to play the accordion and piano on radio shows and in various ensembles on and off campus. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Millsaps, he studied in Germany on a two-year scholarship. He did post-graduate work at the University of Houston and joined their music faculty, teaching courses in accordion for 18 years.

    Dr. Palmer’s later years were dedicated to researching classical and Baroque music and teaching methods. His work on Baroque music ornamentation was the basis of the Alfred Masterworks series of publications. He is also a co-author of Alfred’s Basic Piano Library with Morton Manus and Amanda Vick Lethco.

    Morton Manus

    Morton Manus was a musician, author, and president of Alfred Music.

    Founded in New York in 1922 by composer and musician Alfred Piantodosi, Alfred Music was purchased by Morton’s father Sam Manus in 1928. A classical violinist, Sam decided to change the company’s focus from pop sheet music to educational print music, and added many solos for accordion and wind instruments. When Morty joined the company in 1952, he had recently received a business degree from the City College of New York. Soon after, Sam retired and Morton became president.

    A clarinetist and pianist who received extensive musical training in his youth, Morton felt inspired by the need for quality music education products. Drawing upon his musical experience, he oversaw the development of an instructional series for accordion, followed by books for guitar and piano. Alfred’s catalog consists of more than 45,000 active titles, making Alfred the world’s largest educational music publisher. Morton was also the author and editor of numerous titles in Alfred’s catalog, including many books in Alfred’s Basic Piano Library.

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