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Piano Lessons . By Ear!

Playing piano without years of lessons and sheet music is now easier than ever before!

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Welcome to the world’s #1 Music By Ear site on the net! If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill a life-long dream of learning piano, organ, guitar, drums, or any other instruments by ear, without reading sheet music, then look no further. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world how to play their favorite instruments with our down-to-earth online music lessons, piano v /> resources, and self-study courses… and we can certainly help you too! So take the first steps and sign up for our online piano lessons. They’re free so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. All the best,

Jermaine Griggs, Founder

Piano Lessons For Everyone

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you’re sure to find piano lessons to suit your needs here. For starters, it is recommended that you sign up above for our 4 free piano lessons on video as they provide a wonderful overview of our “music by ear” learning process. From learning to pick out the key of a song, to mastering the different types of chords and progressions, you’ll get it all in these free piano lessons.

Once you’ve gone through the 2 hours of free piano lessons, we’ve got plenty of articles, resources, and premium piano lessons available on our blog and online store. If you have any questions about our piano lessons or would like to contact us, simply click here. You’ve made an awesome decision to join us. Click here to get started with your piano lessons.

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