New Age Piano Lessons – Flashflood – Music

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New Age Piano Lessons – Flashflood

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You mean melody notes from the Eb MINOR scale 😉

I like your left hand bass pattern here! Nice! 🙂

If you have a moment, it would be nice hear what you think of my new age piano pieces on YouTube. Thanks!

Actually, I was mistaken before. He uses all kinds of modes here, it seems. I don’t follow exactly.

That’s because his music sounds a bit modal if you ask me. This IS basically Eb major piece, but its in the mode of Mixolydian because of the added Db note on the Eb chord.

Why does all your music have an oriental flare? Weird!

OMG! Thats amazing. Than you sooooooo much!

sounds like george winston’s rain exactly
or feburary sea… one of those songs

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