Learning with Synthesia Day 1

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Learning with Synthesia Day 1

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My first attempt at using Syntheisa to learn a song for the piano, in this case “Music Box Dancer”. The first quarter of the song was fairly easy for me to learn so I concentrated on the “second quarter”, which is what I’m attempting to play in this video (Synethsia lets you select whatever part of the song you want to practice). I didn’t pay much attention to rest of the song since it seemed to be just repetition.

This was recorded at the end of the first day I spent learning the song (I spent 3 or 4 hours with it).

See Synthesia playing the full version of the song here:

FWIW, I learned to play the piano on my own and can’t read sheet music. I don’t consider myself a skilled piano player. I can just bang out a couple of simple songs I learned by ear. Also, I tried to learn “Music Box Dancer” from the sheet music many years ago and didn’t get anywhere. That’s probably why it was relatively easy for me to learn the first part of the song in Synthesia. The part that I recorded in this video I have never attempted to play before.

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