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Sensational New Music Book for 2016

Back in the 60’s I toured Europe extensively as a musician and during this time I worked with several world class guitarists – superb musicians. But one thing that they all had in common was that none of them could read music.

Ironically, I could read music having had a fairly extensive classical training, yet these guys were teaching me stuff that I’d never heard of.

Since those times I’ve written a few books on keyboard tuition, mainly geared around learning to read music and playing techniques. But then I got thinking; during my time as a touring soul / funk / prog rock musician, although I could read music, I never actually needed to. When I first joined one particular backing band I was presented with some chord lines to follow, but that’s as close as it ever got.

So I can emphatically say that learning to read music won’t improve your technical playing ability one iota! How can it? – one is theory, the other practice!

So learning to read music is a total waste of time then?

No, actually I think it’s a very good >copy other people and in some cases this can help you learn. But ultimately copying other people is not what it’s all about; – great musicians create!

In this book you’ll find superb exercises to give you a great technique as well as all the theoretical information that you need – all without reading music.

This book is unique and very comprehensive, you’ll not find anything like it anywhere else.

Items included are:

  • Unique 5 finger exercise which will you teach you every major and minor chord as well as begin to teach you the scales;
  • An explanation of intervals and scale construction;
  • Every major and minor scale (melodic, harmonic and natural) in keyboard view with left and right hand fingering;
  • Major and minor pentatonic scales in the most used keys in keyboard view with fingering;
  • Blues scales in the most used keys in keyboard view;
  • Scale modes;
  • An explanation of arpeggios and broken chords;
  • Major and minor arpeggios in every key in keyboard view with left and right hand fingering;
  • Arpeggio and broken chords exercises;
  • Audio links for all of the examples and exercises;
  • Chord construction explained in detail;
  • Chord fingering;
  • Diatonic chords;
  • Charts with every chord that you will ever need;
  • How to play from a fake book without reading music;
  • How to play by ear;
  • Plus more!

All in all this is probably the most extensive book of its kind available, in fact probably the only book of its kind.

Learn How to Play Piano / Keyboard By Ear
Without Reading Music
Everything Shown in Keyboard View

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