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learn and master piano reviews

Learn And Master Piano Review

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* Cost of Private Lessons: $2000/yr
L&M Piano: $149/one-time

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Learn And Master Piano is a piano training course produced by Legacy Learning Systems, a renowned instructional company.

The program includes piano instructions by Will Barrow, a Grammy award winning composer.

These credentials are quite hefty and right away place the ‘Learn And Master Piano’ product in a certain league of piano teaching products available today.

What will Learn And Master Piano Cost you?

If you’re lucky and you catch a sale on the Legacy Learning website, then you may save a few dollars. But generally, Learn And Master Piano is somewhat pricier than other alternatives.

However, because it is a comprehensive package, you are sure to get your money’s value. You might save a few dollars on a product that has been hastily put together and end up not learning anything about playing the piano.

This course assumes you know nothing about playing piano and teaches you just that.

Core curriculum

There are 14 DVDs, 5 play along CDs and an informational booklet in the Learn And Master Piano course. They provide just the right mix for learning and leisurely enjoyment.

This combination is guaranteed to make the instructional process very pleasurable for you. you will learn at your own pace and you’ll have fun right from the start.

The course combines visual and printed instructions that will give you a superb hands-on experience, and also serve as a handy hard-copy reference. Most other programs cannot easily match this.

On top of having a diverse curriculum, the Learn And Master Piano course is very flexible. You will get the low down on Rock, Classical, Ragtime and Latin Piano, among others. this kind of variety makes the learning even more enjoyable and you will be thrilled to you hear yourself play your personal favorites.


The 14 DVDs form the core of the Learn And Master Piano course and with these, you’ll feel like your instructor is right in the same room as you get started with the course.

Will Barrow’s style of teaching is simply amazing. The material is very goal-oriented and the assignments are clearly stated, so if you’re a goal-oriented individual, this course perfectly meets your expectations.

With the 5 CDs, the beginner gets to play along with the band. There is a lot to learn here as you play familiar songs with the band, for instance harmony and tempo. It might seem pretty comical when you’re just starting out but as you make progress, you’ll realize where you need to go.

All the songs and lessons contained in the videos are compiled in the 100-page hard-copy booklet. It is extremely handy when you need to refresh yourself on some previously learned things in the course. In fact, you may find yourself using the booklet more often than you may have thought.


The guys at Legacy Learning are renowned for the impressive support policies and this program is no exception. There’s an array of awesome resources at their website and most of all, you’ll find delight in the online support. Basically, on there, you’ll get the whole program in a single place. This course is a must see for any person interested in learning piano.

Where from here? We recommend Learn & Master Piano.

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Still unsure? Check out the screenshots from lessons in Learn And Master Piano course.

Easy to navigate DVD menu system and key pointers are highlighted to aid learning.

Clear and precise demonstrations of piano teacher with music sheets overlayed in lessons.

Sample Learn And Master Review Lesson – Rock Piano Playing

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