Is Piano Hard To Learn?

is piano hard to learn, how hard is it to learn piano

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Is Piano Hard To Learn?

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Just How Hard Is It To Learn Piano?

When I think back at my more youthful self and keep in mind how I fought against learning the instrument properly and how rapidly I decided it wasn’t for me, I’m , well, angry with myself. Why, why didn’t I practice when I had the possibility?

Why do I find myself in my thirties, suffering the torture of learning the piano once again, the indignity of being rubbish at something my eight-year-old self could do, the large chasm between how I would like something to sound, and how it does sound – and exactly why is piano hard to learn? Why is it so hard learning piano at 30?

The only scrap of comfort I can draw from this is that I’m not alone. I typically speak with people who state they’re reviewing in their adult years the instruments they quit as kids, and it’s usually the keyboard to which they return.

So exactly what’s behind this pattern, I question? Why are many otherwise sane grownups sending themselves to the torture of day-to-day scales and arpeggios and asking the scary question of whether an adult brain is still plastic enough to learn and memorize some of the most complicated music that has ever been composed?

” It’s an overriding enthusiasm, not simply for the music, whatever the the difficulty,” reckons Lucy Parham, the leading show pianist who taught Rusbridger his Chopin. “And the difficulty is continuous: there’s constantly a more difficult piece, you can constantly take it to the next level, you’re never ever completed. However there’s likewise the fact that the piano is your good friend; it’s constantly there. That attracts more significance as you age: exactly what you can find out about yourself through it, ends up being vitally important to who you are (or want to be!).”

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