How To Learn Piano Without Reading Sheet Music – FREE Workshop by Piano Picnic

how to learn piano without reading sheet music, free workshop by piano picnic

What you’ll learn

Reading music is an invaluable skill and one I definitely recommend working toward, but it should not be the highest priority. Just as we learn to speak and understand our native language before we learn to read and write, we need to understand music before learning traditional notation.

There are three main areas that new pianists need to master in order to understand essential music theory and learn songs without the need for sheet music:




Join me to gain your piano learning strategy!

About the Host

Ruth Power

Ruth is a lifelong pianist from New Zealand. Former developer and presenter of the highly successful Rocket Piano course (teaching 90,000 students worldwide), Ruth spent many years in London as music editor for Europe’s largest print music publisher and has developed sheet music, instrument methods, ebooks, apps and videos that are used by millions the world-over. She’s a songwriter, recording artist and performer, and founder of online school – Piano Picnic.

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