Home Study vs Online Lessons

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Home Study vs Online Lessons

Home Study vs Online Lessons . Which is best for you?

Hi! Scott here .

After spending years working with students wanting to learn how to simply have fun playing great tunes they know on a piano or keyboard, I learned through experience that most people tend to fall into one of two different “camps” when it comes to how they wish to receive my instruction:

  1. The Home Study camp, and
  2. The Online Lesson camp

One group says, “Give me the info I need to learn whatever it is I am working on in one fell swoop. Go ahead and hit me with a fire-hose worth of info on the topic. Then I’ll go off on my own and work on things and ‘dry off’ over a period of time.” These types of students prefer to purchase books, DVDs, and CDs to have at home and work on things by themselves knowing they have the “reference materials” (my books, DVDs, etc.) to go to dig into and pore over as needed. They also want to “drive the bus” themselves focusing on just what they are interested in, rather than ride along in a bus that a teacher (in this case, me) is driving. I’ll call that group the “Home Study” camp.

The other group says, “Scott, do you teach private lessons? I’m the type that needs a lot more hand-holding and consistent coaching. I read your book(s) and they make perfect sense, but I get overwhelmed pretty easily and I really need you to tell and show me exactly what to do – and just as important, what order to do it in. I lose my motivation without someone else to keep me moving down a very linear path. I want you to drive the bus, and I’ll stick with you and ride along. That group I’ll refer to as the “Online Lesson” camp.

So, we have the “Home Study” camp and the “Online Lesson” camp. I’m VERY proud to say that I have both sides covered and can support you in your quest to play some piano no matter which side you fall!

If you are in the “Home Study” camp, check out my best selling Self-Guided Home Study Materials which include our time tested products including Instructional Books, DVDs, Music Books, Chord Finders and more. You’ll find everything right here on this website at scotthouston.com.

If you are in the “Online Lesson” camp, you’ll need to go to pianoinaflash.com where you will find my integrated online lesson program. It brings my linear 6 Course Method directly to you via video, providing easy interactive lessons, personalized feedback, and hard copy method books you can work through right along with my as your teacher / coach.

Of course the million dollar question I get asked over and over is “Which is better?” I honestly feel that the only one that can answer that is you–after consideration of how it is you think you will best receive the instruction based on your personality and preferences.

The important thing to note is this: I teach the same basic philosophy and technique in EVERYTHING that I have created. Aimed squarely at authentic, chord-based, non-classical instruction appropriate for all pop/jazz/standards/gospel styles of playing, I teach key musical concepts with a fun approach emphasizing how to play piano in the quickest and easiest (yet musically correct!) way possible. My methods show you how to play popular tunes like the pros, without years of learning complicated classical styles and without reading traditional sheet music!

So, check out my home study materials here on this site and/or check out my online lesson program at pianoinaflash.com and decide for yourself which direction you think is best for you. No matter what you choose, I sincerely look forward to you joining my giant army of folks young and old who are simply having fun making music at a piano.

Remember–You CAN play piano, and it’s NEVER too late to start . Have fun!

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