Fisher-Price Laugh – Learn Puppy – s Piano

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Laugh and learn piano

I received this product yesterday and my daughter loves it. The size is perfect for little ones to carry around and play with or for on the go. It has two settings for volume and its not really loud which is always a plus. You can play music on it or have it play songs. My daughter loves pressing the keys and dancing to the music. Theres also diffrent settings for letter or number learning. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Easy to carry music toy!

I gave this to my 20 month old son a week ago and he seems to enjoy it. He likes to carry his toys around, scattering them all over the house for Mom and dad to pick up later. This one fits under his arm perfectly. The songs are cute and the toy has a learning element which is nice as well. I am a fan of all the laugh and learn toys and this one is no exception. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Very sturdy

We bought this as a Christmas gift for our 11 month old granddaughter. She loves anything musical and took to this right away. It is a very sturdy item, although a little heavy for a smaller child.


Really cute

This is a cute little toy for my grandson to play with at my house.

Worth every penny!

It’s a so cute and so lovely toy. I play with it myself along with my kids 😉 The keys have four modes: 1) piano mode: you can press the piano keys and it will play do-re-mi-fa-sol; 2) geometric figures: each key has shapes like star, triangle, circle, etc. with numbers therein and, when pressed, provides different short sounds. For instance, if you press the star, you can hear a wooshing sound of a star like the one we often hear in cartoons; 3) colors mode: it will utter words like “blue”, “green”, “yellow” (child-voiced) when pressing the corresponding keys; 4) song mode: short songs sung by the little frog. There is two-page “book”. Flipping the page changes the mode: first page is for short sounds and tunes, the second one is 1-2 ditties and phrases. Oh, the toy body is made of a hard-surfaced plastic material.

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