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Learn English

Learn English at an English language school and get comfortable speaking the world’s language. Spend three weeks in New York, two months in London, or a year in Sydney. If you can’t spare the time to go abroad, why not take advantage of one of our English language school options? Whatever your goals, our English learning programs will get you there.

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EF Languages Abroad

Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 11 languages in 52 destinations. Start any Monday.

EF Language Year Abroad

Combine language and academic studies at a school abroad. Prepare for an official language exam and gain work experience.

EF English Live

Access live, teacher-led lessons any time, anywhere – at any ability level. We’re the world’s largest online school.

EF Language Training

Focused language training for business and government that ensures results.

English Language School

English is truly the global language, and whether you choose to go to New Zealand or to study from home on your computer, our English language courses are the perfect way to learn English and get more comfortable speaking the language. If it’s city life and culture you’re after, London, New York, or Los Angeles are just the ticket. If sun and sand sound better to you, we have English language schools just minutes from the beach in beautiful Hawaii, San Diego, or Malta. Wherever you choose to learn English, when you study at our English language school you’re guaranteed to benefit from our long experience teaching English, laser focus on practical communication skills, and highly-qualified teachers.

Learning English will open doors

English is widely known as the global language, and today it’s actually the most-spoken language in the entire world. Whether your interests are personal or professional, learning English will open doors both expected and unexpected. No matter where in the world you go today, you’ll always find someone who speaks at least a bit of English. If you want to travel abroad, work internationally, or simply be able to understand all the latest movies and music, learning English at our English language school will lead you down the path you’re dreaming of. Learn English and see how quickly your world expands.

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