Can I learn piano from online piano lessons? Learn Piano Blues

can i learn piano online

Can I learn piano from online piano lessons?

posted on July 6, 2018

Yes, this can certainly be an effective way to learn. There are a lot of tutorial videos out there that show you how to play your favourite song, and being able to go online and find something within seconds is amazing.

The only downside to online lessons is that you don’t have the interaction you sometimes need. If you are not sure of anything during the lesson, then you are not able to ask and get the answer straight away, like you would with one to one tuition.

If you’re learning classical piano, my advice would be to always consider having a tutor for your lessons, but to use any online videos as a second source. I use online videos all the time when I want to learn something new, and I can’t quite figure it out myself.

If you’re learning piano blues, online videos work really well – but I’d advise to follow a modular, progressive course that includes the fundamentals such as techniques.

Learn to play piano blues online with me

My online blues course teaches blues piano from scratch and builds your ability in a modular way. As you progress through the course, you’ll learn left hands, right hands, bridges and endings which you’ll use together to make your own blues piano compositions. I’ll show you the blues scale early on, giving you everything you need to start improvising – and we’ll progress to advanced licks and an impressive tutorial song to consolidate your new skills. Finally, we’ll move onto some popular blues songs, including music by the great Jerry Lee Lewis and my own personal favourite, Ray Charles.

I charge just £14.99 for 6 full months access, with 58 videos and counting – that’s less than the cost of a single piano lesson! – and I offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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Learn piano blues: start today

“I’ve been teaching the piano for more than 25 years and I truly believe that everyone can learn to play the blues, even if you’ve never touched a piano in your life! Sign up for my online video course and give it a try – it’s just £14.99 for 6 full months’ access and I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love it.”

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