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Learn to Read Bass Clef Notes

If you’re interested in learning to read bass clef notes, you’ve come to the right place! It all starts right here.

Last lesson, we took an in-depth look at the F clef, including its design, and the situations in which it’s most often used. With that introduction behind us, we’re ready to get our hands dirty and dive right in to learning the notes.

As we did with treble clef, we’re going to associate the notes on the staff with their corresponding notes on the piano keyboard. This is going give us a visual way to think about the notes. Thinking this way also gives us the advantage of knowing exactly which octave register we’re in at all times (which is super-important).

(For a more in-depth introduction to reading notes, check out the lessons on The Musical Staff and Intro to Written Music.)

Bass Clef Notes

Our reference point, as usual, is going to be C4 (middle C). In bass clef, C4 is located on the 1st ledger line above the staff (just the opposite of treble clef):

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